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Readings by Sherryl

Reading Sunrise2


Have you been wishing for

  • The convenience of an email reading combined with the personalized attention of a face-to-face encounter?
  • A deep focus on your situation facilitated by a spread designed just for you?
  • The opportunity for further dialog and clarification after your reading is delivered?
  • A permanent record of your reading and card images for future referral?

If this is what you’ve been looking for in a tarot reading, I invite you to explore these pages.

My readings offer you tools to

  • Create your future with confidence and optimism
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of a proposed action
  • Analyze your issue objectively and clearly
  • See the root causes of a situation
  • Sort through multiple options
  • Make decisions that are aligned with your highest good


Go to the Meet Sherryl page to learn more about me.

The FAQ page tells you how my email readings work, my tarot philosophy, and policies.

Purchase a Reading tells you what I offer, how to purchase it, and what to expect when you order a reading.

The Questions page shows you the best way to formulate your question.

Who Inspired Me introduces you to the teachers I’ve learned from over the years.


Let’s use the power of tarot imagery to expand your vision of what’s possible.

Send me an email with your question to 22TarotTrumps @

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