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FAQ and Policies

How can you do a reading for me when we’ve never met?

I’ll read for you in sacred space while I’m in a light trance and serving as a conduit for information from the part of our psyches that is beyond space and time and is always striving toward wholeness and authenticity. Focusing on you and your question sets up a field of intention that brings out the correct cards from the deck.

My readings are deeper and more thorough when I don’t have the time constraints of an appointment. Once your reading is complete, I wait several hours before sending it to you, in case further insights come to me. This extra time allows for a much deeper response to the cards.

Can you predict the future accurately?

Predicting the future is like predicting the weather. We may be able to see short-term trends that are already gathering momentum, but we can’t predict with much accuracy beyond a few weeks. I’m not psychic, so I don’t foresee events that come out of the blue. I believe that many possible futures hover around us, like a cloud of electrons around their nucleus. A tarot spread can pick up the strongest possibilities in play at the time of the reading. Your own free will, and unexpected events, can shift the course of your future. I don’t make specific predictions; I describe in general terms what trends seem likely.

Where does the information come from that you get during a reading?

Most of it comes from the cards themselves along with intuitive flashes facilitated by the imagery. My card interpretations are based on 40 years’ experience and study.

What decks do you use?

I read with either the Pierre Madenié or Ancient Italian Tarot. If you prefer one over the other, please let me know when ordering your reading. Learn more about these decks by clicking on the card name.

What kind of questions can I ask?

Formulating a good question is the most important part of the reading  process. The question influences what cards emerge from the deck, and determines the kind of answer you get.  Go to the Questions page for tips on devising a question.

Your Rights


Your reading will be done in a private space. The reading will not be discussed with anyone else, nor will I divulge your name to another person.


I will say what I see in the cards without sugarcoating the message or suppressing negative details.


I will treat every question with respect. I’ll interpret the message of the cards objectively, without injecting my personal opinions.


  • A tarot reading is not a substitute for expert financial, psychological, legal, or medical advice. If you need expertise in these areas, please consult a professional.
  • Any metaphysical reading should be just one component of your decision-making process. It should never be the only factor you consider when deciding how to handle a situation.
  • The choices you make as a result of your reading are your own responsibility.
  • I reserve the right to refuse a reading request if I feel the question is impossible to answer, or if it contains objectionable language or content.
  • I do not make precise predictions. I speak in terms of short-term trends and likely possibilities.
  • I do not give refunds.
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