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How to Pose a Question


The clarity of your question influences the cards you get and their interpretation. When you order a reading, we’ll work together to ensure that you’re asking for the most helpful information.

My favorite question is simply “what do I need to know about _______________?”

Or, “how can I deal with this situation for everyone’s highest and best good?”

Here are some questions that don’t work well with my reading style and how you can transform them to get a more helpful answer.

I won’t tell you which option to take if you’re facing a major decision,

 But I will help you analyze the pros and cons of each choice and evaluate possible outcomes.

I won’t tell you if you are pregnant or how serious your illness is,

But I will help you consider the emotional and practical impacts of your physical condition and help you cope.

I won’t tell you if someone is thinking about you or what they are thinking,

But I will help you see how you can manage the relationship better.

I won’t tell you if you will win your lawsuit,

But I will help you see the situation from an objective vantage point that will enable you to make better decisions.  We’ll look at the most likely outcomes implicit in the present.

I won’t tell you exactly when or where you’ll meet your ideal lover,

But I will help you figure out how to position yourself so you are more likely to encounter a lover.

I won’t tell you if you’ll win the lottery, or when you’ll find love or get a job,

But I will suggest ways you can improve that area of your life, or suggest things you haven’t seen clearly concerning the issue.

I don’t answer questions that assume you are a victim of fate with no control over your life, and that your only option is to wait for things to happen to you.

My readings offer fresh insights and point to possibilities you may not have considered.

I look forward to reading for you.

To purchase a reading, send me an email at 22TarotTrumps @


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