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Madenie cards

2 to 4 cards focused on one topic. $65

You receive an interpretation of each card, an analysis of your situation, a summary and bottom-line advice. The reading is about 450 words.

Click here to read an example

5 to 8 or more cards, in-depth analysis of one issue. $167

You receive a two- to three-paragraph analysis of each card illuminating your situation from many angles.  The cards are tied together in a unified narrative, plus a summary of the bottom-line message. The reading is about 1,000 words in length.

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What Else is Included

  • Both readings include one or two email exchanges, if you want them, to clarify specific points or to deepen your understanding of the reading. I may pull an additional card during the exchange if I feel it will help.
  • Readings are delivered as a PDF attached to an email. If you prefer a Word document let me know.
  • The PDF file includes the card images in your customized layout.

How to order a reading (and what happens next)

  • Send an Email to 22TarotTrumps @ with your question and which level reading you want.
  • We may exchange a few emails to clarify your question.
  • I will customize a spread just for you and ask for your approval.
  • If you’re satisfied with the spread, I’ll send you a request for payment via PayPal.
  • You receive the reading attached to an email within 48 hours. (Long readings may take up to three days.)
  • You may email me with a request for clarification, or for more information on anything already discussed in the reading. My response may contain one or two additional cards, at my discretion.

My readings offer fresh insights and point to possibilities you may not have considered.

Contact me at 22TarotTrumps @


“I have to say it’s one of the best readings I’ve ever had. The accuracy and descriptions of what I’ve been going through and what’s ahead is astounding. I thought the reading was well written, included advice, options, and addressed my question.”

             Veronica, Ontario

“I thought your presentation was superb. I found the reading extremely helpful, insightful, and inspiring. I look forward to seeing how it plays out.”

             Paul, Portland

“You are an amazing reader/writer/seer. It is a pleasure to read your work.”

Linda, Santa Barbara

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