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When I put this page up five years ago, I stated my intention to write a history of each trump card showing its development from the 15th century up to the present time. But someone else did the job for me. Years of procrastination paid off!

I encourage you to hop over to and read the beautifully illustrated pages on each trump card. While you’re there, check out the History section. It nicely tarotWheel dot Net logocomplements  the History section of this website.

Tarot images are a collective dream of the European psyche that re-emerges in new clothing century after century. By immersing ourselves in the Northern Italian late Gothic environment where these images first took form, our psyches become infused with a deeper understanding of their archetypal message.

Stay tuned for articles on:

  • International Gothic art
  • Late Gothic culture (il Tardogotico) in Lombardy
  • Children of the Planets in the tarot
  • Block printing in the early 15th century
  • A close examination of some 15th century decks
  • Tarot and Christianity
  • Stories about the Viscontis, Sforzas, d’Este’s and other families connected with the earliest decks

Links will appear on this page as the articles are posted.

Visconti Sforza Empress


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