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Cartomancy Resources – Buy a Deck

Where to purchase historic decks

Alidastore – Based in San Marino. Fast efficient service. They carry a large number of historic reproductions and European decks that are difficult to find in the U.S. – Arnell Ando maintains a website for Il Meneghello decks by Osvaldo Menegazzi as a subsection of her website. Residents of the US can order many of his decks through her. – They carry many limited edition facsimiles by Il Meneghello, Pablo Robledo, Yves Reynaud and sivilixi.

Editions – limited edition facsimiles made by Patrick Coq of two 17th-century, pre-Tarot de Marseille decks: Tarot of Paris and Jacques Vieville

Llewellyn – The American distributor of Lo Scarabeo decks who produce the Visconti-Sforza, soprafino, and contemporary Italian decks.

La Librairie de L’inconnu – Parisian emporium for all things New Age. Large selection of books and decks.

Tarot-Artisanal – two very limited edition, hand crafted decks, trumps-only by Igor Barzilai: a Conver TdM and the Nicolas Rolichon TdM. The Rolichon is a late 17th-century TdM I type deck that’s so obscure Kaplan doesn’t list it in his encyclopedias. It’s recreated from pictures in an old French encyclopedia.  – source for contemporary Tarot and Tarock decks used for game playing. Go to the Italian cards section then to Tarocchi decks.

TarotBG.EU – Based in Bulgaria. I’ve gotten excellent service to the US. They carry Il Meneghello, Lo Scarabeo, Eastern European and self-published decks. Their vintage and used decks section is constantly changing. It’s worth checking back often as unusual items often turn up.

Tarot-de-Marseille-Heritage – Limited edition facsimiles by Yves Reynaud of important TdMs from the early 18th century: the Pierre Madenie, Chosson, Heri and Burdel. The website has an online gallery of photos of TdMs from various European museums.

Tarot-de-Marseille-Millennium – Beautiful restoration of the TdM by Wilfried Houdouin, emphasizing its underlying sacred geometry. A separate book in French gives the philosophy behind the deck.  – A good source for  unusual and limited edition decks.

Tarot-History – The late Jean-Claude Flornoy’s faithful reproduction of two important early Tarot de Marseilles decks by Jean Noblet and Jean Dodal.

CBD Tarot de Marseille – A recreated Conver TdM by Yoav Ben-Dov that has received very high praise. His book Tarot: The Open Reading is an important text on how to read with any TdM deck.

TaroteCards – an app that has several decks including the CBD Tarot de Marseille.

US Games, Inc – Huge selection of decks including some historic reproductions: Visconti-Sforza, Cary-Yale and two of Yves Reynaud’s historic facsimiles, the Pierre Madenie and the Chosson Tarot de Marseille.

Are you interested in building a collection of historic decks? Here’s an article with deck recommendations.

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