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Here are some spreads and techniques adapted from a sampling of popular French and Italian authors. When doing readings experiment with:

  •  Using trumps only.
  • Using a pip and a trump card for each spread position.
  • Shuffling the entire deck together.
  • Using only the minor arcana then deriving a trump card as the theme of the reading by calculating the sum of the minor arcana cards.

 Three-card spreads

Lay three cards in a row. The center card is the answer or advice. The flanking cards modify it or give details.

Using spread positions: The card on the left is read positively as offering support to the center card. The card on the right is read negatively. It warns of pitfalls and dangers if you follow the advice of the center card.

Using dignities: Instead of spread positions, use elemental or suit dignities to determine whether the flanking cards support or undermine the central card.

Using a significator: Pick a significator for something you want to achieve or manifest. Shuffle the deck then look through it for the significator. Flanking cards tell you how well the universe supports what you want.

 Two-Card Spreads

Shuffle the minor and major arcana separately and pull a card from each. Read the minor arcana card as being more specific with the major arcana as the general influence acting through the minor arcana card or as a background influence. This is a good technique for drawing a card-of-the-day.

Influence of the Day

Separate the Trumps from the Minor Arcana and shuffle each section separately.

Count down the number of the current month in the Trump pile and use that card as the background influence.

Count down the number of the current day in the remainder of the deck and use that card as the specific influence of the day.

Example:  If today is June 14th, use the sixth trump card from the top of its stack as the general influence. Use the 14th card from the top of the minor arcana stack as the specific influence. Blend the cards’ meanings to get a prediction for the day.

If you want to learn more, go to the Resources page for books and websites.

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