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Posts tagged ‘Quintessence Spread’

Tarot-Heritage Tenth Anniversary Roundup: Spreads and Techniques

Celebrating my website’s tenth anniversary: 174 blog articles and 42 website pages on tarot history, reading with non-scenic pips, and decks of historic significance. Throughout the summer, I’m going to group the most useful articles by topic and send out links in a series of blog posts. Today’s links are all about reading techniques.

The Spreads page of the Cartomancy section of this website gives simple techniques for reading with two and three cards.

I rarely use spreads, but the following articles describe ones I like, plus a few of my favorite techniques.

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Cross Spread with the Rosenwald Deck

I just did my first reading with my new Rosenwald deck. This deck reads like a dream. The fluid lines bring the images to life, and the pips are enough like the TdM so little adjustment is required.

Since my question was “should I or shouldn’t I” do something, I used the Cross Spread. (There’s a link below to a blog post I did a few years ago on the details of this spread). Read more