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The Cartomancer: A Quarterly Tarot Journal

The Cartomancer magazine cover

Something very exciting hit my mailbox today: A gorgeously illustrated, 60-page magazine devoted to Tarot, Lenormand, and oracle cards. The magazine is such a pleasure to look at and hold. I couldn’t stop flipping through it; and simply didn’t want to put it down.

The Cartomancer is packed with color illustrations (often eight or ten cards on a two-page spread) printed on sturdy, glossy paper. The colors are very crisp, and a pleasure to view. Seeing so much gorgeous art all in one place was an intense experience, and a celebration of the immense creativity bubbling through the tarot community.

The magazine’s focus is on decks, deck creators, and deck reviews. But it also offers a large selection of thought-provoking articles. Some of my favorites:

Pamela Steele shows how to connect with your inner tarot Muse. In a second article, she shares an amusing incident where and she traded a tarot reading for a goat.

Toni Gilbert explains that tarot and dream images come from the same place in the psyche. A dream and a tarot spread occurring close together  often reflect the same theme. She gives techniques for working with tarot and dreams in tandem.

Camelia Elias takes us through an actual relationship reading using the Tarot de Marseille. She shows us how she turns the raw information in card images into a meaningful message for the client.

James Ricklef gives us 22 witty affirmations on the Major Arcana for seriously dysfunctional personalities. My favorite is the Hanged Man: “today I will find a passive aggressive way to make someone else feel guilty about all the suffering in my life.” Sounds like a former roommate!

The Cartomancer is produced by Devera Publishing, whose list includes the Tarot de St. Croix, The Dynamic Spreads Deck, the Sustain Yourself deck by James Wanless, and many other books and decks.

Purchase this single issue and subscribe to the quarterly at You’ll treasure this magazine for years.


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