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The Cartomancer Winter 2015

The Cartomancer magazine cover

The third issue of The Cartomancer just landed in my inbox, and it’s a beauty.

My favorite section contains luscious full-page layouts of decks. I love the black background that intensifies the colors and makes the cards sizzle. One deck caught my attention: the Tribal Secrets Tarot where the creator photographed belly dancers interpreting the cards in their own way.

Some of my favorite articles:

  • Bonnie Cehovet, Mindfulness in a Reading, counsels us to take our time and let the cards reveal their story rather than jumping in and imposing our canned interpretations on them.
  • Jay DeForest gives some gentle reminders about how to be a good member of the tarot community.
  • A review of Giordano Berti’s oracle deck, The Sibyl of the Heart, based on 17th century Rosicrucian imagery.
  • It was interesting to see Major Tom Schick’s deck based on Lotería cards which are used in a game like bingo. After seeing several Lotería decks in a local museum, I became intrigued by the possibilities of reading with them.
  • Nancy Elle shares a spread that addresses how your parents’ relationship influences your own.
  • The important but confusing topic of trademarks, copyright law and intellectual property rights is explained by Cheryl Fair.
  • My contributions: an article on 15th century aristocrats’ mania for real gold decks, and a review of the Tarot de Marseille facsimiles produced by Yves Reynaud.

This is only a fraction of the articles and reviews in this 62 page magazine.

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