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The Two Madenié Decks

Fool Pierre Madenie

If you bought the first edition of the Pierre Madenié deck produced by Yves Reynaud in 2013, do you need to get the second edition as well? Yes, you probably do.

Even though it’s my number one reading deck, I initially felt a second copy was an unnecessary indulgence. Besides, I was afraid the newer, cleaned-up version might be too pristine. I prefer historical facsimiles that preserve the original intact; so I shudder at the thought of someone touching up historic cards to conform to their arbitrary criteria of perfection. But a fellow collector convinced me the second edition was even more beautiful than the first, so I succumbed to temptation. I’m very glad I did.

Right off the top, you can see Reynaud’s methods by comparing the two Fool cards. In the first edition, the Fool’s hair, collar and bells are dark mustard. In the second edition they are lighter yellow. The colors throughout the second edition are slightly brighter, making the black lines more visible. In comparison, the colors in the earlier deck seem heavy and muddy.

In the first edition, the green on the back of the Fool’s tunic is a stenciled rectangle that covers the gold bells and the edge of his collar. This has been corrected in the second edition. The blobs of red ink along the outside of the walking stick have been removed. But I’m happy to see that his red shoe still overlaps the card border.

ten of cups madenie deckA ghost image of the Lover’s card can be seen in the background of the first edition Fool. This is the “kiss” that happens when a ghostly image is transferred to another card during production. I happen to enjoy seeing these artifacts of the printing process. But if you think they’re a flaw, you’ll be happy to know they have all been removed in the second edition. The backgrounds are cleaner and are a very pleasant soft white.

Ink has been removed from places where it obviously doesn’t belong, like the lovers’ foreheads, and around the Grim Reaper and the Devil’s minions. Since the cups and coins are lighter gold, the ink that spills outside the figures is not as noticeable. For the most part, the cards have been left intact and have retained their original look and feel.

Overall, this deck has acquired freshness and clarity without losing any of its historical value. The backs and the card stock are identical to the first edition, and the differences between the two are very subtle. If you missed out on the first edition, don’t hesitate to get this one. Only 1500 have been printed, so it won’t be available for long.

Here’s my 2013 review of the original deck.


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  1. You temptress you – I am now poorer but excited!

    February 28, 2017
    • You won’t be sorry. I just did my first reading with my new deck and handling it gave me chills.

      February 28, 2017
  2. Vladislav #

    I am, on the contrary, disappointed with this second edition. The first edition is superb, but this one is yellow, soapy, with unclear lines. I am amazed to read what you have written about the second edition, all this praise. I think this is simply untrue. I blame myself for not buying the second copy of the first Madenie when I could, because I cannot use this new travesty.

    April 7, 2017
  3. Hello Vladislav, I took a second look at both decks after reading your comments. When I scanned some cards for my blog post, I was surprised at how yellow the second edition looked. So there must be a yellow undertone to the background. But looking at the actual cards, to me they seem just slightly off-white, not yellow at all. Comparing lines on some random cards, I can’t see any difference. In fact the lines are clearer on the second edition because the colors are brighter. I wonder if a batch of cards was badly printed and you were unfortunate to get one of those. I’m going to watch for anyone else who had a bad experience with this deck.

    April 7, 2017
  4. Vladislav #

    Thank you, Sherryl. Yes, it is not impossible. It would be interesting to see if someone else has had the same experience as I did. I must confess I felt bitter disappointment, because I love what Yves does and I was really looking forward to this second edition. I even wrote to him about it. Good luck to you and all the best!

    P.S. If you ever want to sell your first edition, I would gladly buy it from you for a good price. Just let me know.

    April 7, 2017
  5. I’ve seen quite a few discussions about this deck online and have never heard a negative comment. I’d be interested to know what Yves says in reply. I read with my first edition every day and will never part with it. Sorry 🙂

    April 8, 2017
    • Vladislav #

      That’s all right. I love the first edition, too. It is my favourite deck. I hope Yves makes the third edition which will copy the first. Some day, perhaps.

      April 8, 2017
  6. Marseille City 19th May 2017

    Bonjour Sherryl and Vladislav,

    First of all I wish to thanks you both for interest you put in my work: I work to get feedbacks and I like yours.
    Secondly I follows Vladislav on one point: Yellow colour on second edition.
    I made a choice and it was a little to lighter as a result for this specific colour only.
    I have idea to make a third edition later when second one will be out of print for many reasons:

    Pierre Madenié tarot is one of the best TDM pattern I know.
    It is very well received and persuasive.
    First and second editions are low quantity:3000 + 1500. Market is worldwide now.
    Tarot of Marseille pattern is now spreading widely and worldwide. In Anglo Saxon countrys ie USA and GB. Also Japan.
    I have some news ideas to improve this tarot with a new edition.

    Producing such historical tarots is a big challenge: Economical, technical, and it need a deep respect of original cardmaker and engraver.

    I have still many historical tarots in project: About 12 more.
    On a two tarots per year basis it means that coming five years will see Tarot of Marseille pattern becoming a rich source of tarot variety.

    If Life give me enough time I will achieve this hard task that lead my 22/4 Numerology Lifepath.

    Merci encore à vous deux !

    Yves REYNAUD

    May 18, 2017
    • Dear Yves, thank you very much for your reply. Please be assured that my comments were made with deepest respect for you and your work. Your first edition Madenie Tarot is one of my very favourite, and I have a big collection. I think it is a real masterpiece and I blame myself for not buying another copy when it was still possible. I very much look forward to the third edition Madenie and I hope it will be like the first one. With respect and admiration for your work, Vladislav

      May 19, 2017

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